What is the 18th Amendment of Constitution of the Pakistan? 

18th Amendment Pakistan

  • The Historical 18th Amendment of Constitution of Pakistan (1973) was passed on April 18,2010. 

  • 18th Amendment sought to enhance the parliamentary  spirit of the 1973 constitution with devolution of power to provinces, putting back Pakistan on the 'Track of Democracy'. 

Silent features of 18th Amendment of Pakistan Constitution:

  • The 18th Amendment restore the parliamentary and federal  spirit of 1973 constitution.

  • Most of the unconstitutional non democratic changes inserted by Military regimes in Zia-ul-haq and Musharaf tenure were removed.

  •  Annex to the constitution is the objectives Revolution passed by the Constituent Assembly in 1949. It has been Clarified in the said resolution that minorites have the right to practice and profess their religion freely. 

  • 18th Amendment scrapped the concurrent legislative list of subjects and those subjects with few exceptions had been transferred to the provinces.

  • The concurrent list containing subjects on which both the Parliament and the Provisional Assembly can legislate had been omitted. Hence these subjects has been transferred to the provinces except Criminal law, Criminal procedure and evidence on which both  the Parliament and Provisional legislatures can make law. 

  • The 18th Amendment inserted article 140A which mandate that each province by law, must establish a Local Government System. 

  • 18th Amendment renamed the former NWFP as KP Khyber Pakhtunkhawa in recognition of its ethnic identity. 

  • 18th Amendment changed the spelling of Baluchistan to Balochistan. 

  • The right of fundamentals had been increased in the Constitution. These are the right of fair trail (Article 10A), the right of information (Article 19A) and he right to education (Article 25A).