36-year-old Finnish prime minister tested for drugs

Sanna Marin 36 years old Finnish Prime minister 


A video of Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin (36) dancing and making noise at a party has leaked to SNS (internet exchange service) and is spreading ripples. Malin said on the 19th that she had undergone a drug test after opposition parties had also raised allegations that drugs were used at the party. The results will be out soon, but Marin has denied the allegations, saying she "doesn't do anything illegal."

According to local media, the video is believed to have been filmed in early August. Mullin, in a tank top, danced skin-to-skin with his friends, reportedly singers and politicians, as loud music played indoors. "I have a family and a job, but I also have free time to spend with friends, like many people my age," he said, adding that he needed time to relax.

 Some media outlets, however, said the video used slang to refer to cocaine. Amid a mountain of domestic and international issues, including neighboring Russia's invasion of Ukraine and soaring prices, the opposition parties said, "You should take a drug test," and "It's unscrupulous."

Marin, who took office in December 2019 at the age of 34, not only became Finland's youngest ever prime minister, but was reportedly the youngest sitting prime minister in the world at the time. She is a mother of one, but in December 2021 she was forced to apologize for going out to a club after coming into contact with someone infected with the new coronavirus and dancing until the early hours of the morning.

 Finnish women are increasingly entering the political arena, and when Marin formed his cabinet in 2019, three of the five parties in the coalition government were headed by women in their 30s.