Is Freelancing a blessing in disguise for youth bludge in Pakistan? 

Is Freelancing a blessing in disguise for youth bludge in Pakistan?

What is Freelancing? 

• Freelancing means selling your 'Digital Skills' online. Whether you are a Graphic Designer, Content Creator, Proof Reader, Web Developer, Photo and Video Editor, Illustrator,etc. All come under the banner of freelancing. 

• In freelancing, individuals independently take on projects as per the capability and the schedule.They complete the project till deadline and get paid for that.

Who is a Freelancer? 

A freelancer is a person that is self-employed, not bound to do any particular work for organization. Sometimes freelancers are committed to work remotely for organization and provide some services. But most freelancers work independently and get their work from different websites or platforms to sell their services. 

Freelancing  Platforms  

• Many platforms were launched, which helped not only freelancers but also the enterprises that wanted to get their tasks done without hiring a permanent resource.

• These platforms provide interaction between freelancers and companies who want to outsource at one place and provide security to both to build trust among all. Namely;, Upwork, Fiverr, People Per Hour, Guru, 99 Designs, Aquent and Toptal. 

List of Digital Skills 

• Search engine optimization

• Social media management 

• Content writing 

• Virtual assistance 

• Web development 

• Digital marketing 

Is Freelancing a blessing in disguise for Pakistan? 

• In 2021, Pakistan has been ranked the fourth fastest growing freelance market with 47% growth in freelance earning. 

• According to Payoneer's Global Economy Index, Pakistan was among the top freelance markets leaving behind regional countries including India, Bangladesh and Russia. 

• Pakistan has not only managed to secure the top slot in Asia but also ranked 4th 'software development and technology' in the world in the growth of freelance earnings. 

• 63% of the total population in Pakistan is below the age of 25 and has massive potential for freelancing. Government also run programs like Digi skills, Pakistan freelancers and E-rozgar programs helped youngsters to learn freelancing skills.

• is Pakistan's largest training program; within a year more than 500,000 trainings have been even across Pakistan. 

Payoneer General Manager Eyal Moldovan said: 

'In Pakistan, there is a young generation seeking more opportunities' 

Challenges Faced by Pakistani Freelancers

• Inconsistent work 

• Mismanagement of finances 

• Client management

• Different time zones 

• Weak communication skills 

• Language barrier 

• Fewer payment choices 

• Freelancing platform commissions 

• Time management 

• Periods of no work